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EVA film for laminated glass

      Our EVA film is made out of macromolecule material and it performs excellent in bonding strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, humidity resistance and tensile strength in laminated. It has been partly taking the places of PVB film in laminated safety glass, laminated art glass, laminated color glass. Using EVA film to laminating glass does not require pre-heating, pre-pressure and autoclave. All laminating processing will be finished and completed in one vacuum laminator.
      Our EVA films are various, include Transparent Clear Film, UV-resistant Film, White Film, Opaque Colored Film, Transparent Colored Film, Baked Enamel Film and Euphotic White Film, this Euphotic White film is to meet the demand for more light transmission. Besides the standardized colors, we also deal with special color on demand.
      Thickness: There are several choices in thickness: popular thickness 0.38mm, super thick 0.76mm and 1.14mm, super thin 0.25mm and 0.20mm.
      Width: The standard width is 2000mm. The maximum width is 2010mm, and we can be supplied in width less than 2000mm on demand.
      Packing: 1 roll in 1 carton, then 2 rolls or 4 rolls in a plywood case.
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