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EVA foil for encapsulation of solar module

      Solar cells are connected and placed between a flat heater plate on the bottom and a tempered glass on the top. The heater plate that placed between the solar cells and the glass is called EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) film, which is used for encapsulation of cells in standard modules.our solar interlayer used for encapsulation of solar cells not only can increase the insertion of module components, but also increases the efficiency of PV module. Also, it provides the superior protection against the damage caused by the environment, lasts the use of module shelf-life, and increases module's cost efficiency.

      Excellent anti-aging and adhesive strength
      High light transmission rate
      Low shrinkage after heatingEasy to operate
      Mechanical support
      Electrical insulation
      Physical insulation
      Physical protection
      Thermal conduction
      Optical coupling

Technology parameter:

      Our solar interlayer is used in the encapsulation of solar cells, which had been through the process of heat current squeeze out moulded products. The interlayer is cohesionless in normal temperature, it is convenient for cut operation through the process of heat pressing, it will be a solidified heat-sensitive and splicing reinforced reaction, to produce a permanent agglutinate encapsulation, it is a new style thermal film.
      The thickness of the product :0.3mm-0.8mm
      The Max width of the product: 1150mm.
Preservation And Transportation:
      Avoid sunlight,heat (above 30< in temperature),moisture(above 50% in humidity),pressure and stab.
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